Handbags manufacturing

How to produce handcrafted bags

Do you have ideas and projects, but you don’t know how to realize them? If you are looking for a reliable partner to produce your bags a leather goods manufacturer like Loipell is the best solution. Choosing a reliable producer is essential to insuring the best development of your project.

The artisanal tradition of Florentine leather goods combined with the most modern technologies, a skilled and professional workforce, cutting-edge techniques and machinery, and attention to detail are the ingredients for the production of high-quality bags.

With over 40 years of experience behind us, and many projects realized together with our collaborator, we have gained practical knowledge that allows us to offer you a complete service and accompany you in all stages of the production.

Stages of handbag manufacturing

Project Analysis

A thorough preventive analysis is the basis of every successful project. Immediately identifying what operations to carry out and how to do so allows for considerable benefit in the actual development phases, minimizing risks and critical issues.

When producing bags, various aspects must be considered:

  • How many bags we have to make
  • How many and which models
  • How many pieces of each model
  • The materials (choice and supply)
  • Accessories (choice and supply)
  • The timing (deadlines and delivery dates)
  • The budget
  • Etc.

This phase is very delicate and if it is neglected or poorly executed it can undermine your project. Together we can evaluate all of these aspects and find solutions and innovations to start your project on the right foot.

Bag development

Once we have completed the preliminary analysis of your project, we can move on to the development of your line of bags.

These are the main development stages of the bags:

  • Design
  • Pattern
  • Prototype
  • Samples
  • Industrialization

The first phase is that of the design of the bag. As in all other development and production phases, Loipell can provide you with all the necessary support, even during this very important and delicate phase.

From the drawing we continue on to the actualization of the pattern. The artisans and technicians of our modeling department combine traditional craftsmanship with the most modern CAD design and development techniques to create state-of-the-art paper patterns.

After the paper model we create the prototype of the bag. In this phase, a bag is made in its real size so that there can be an in-depth assessment of its structure, proportions and details to understand if any changes are necessary.

After the prototype phase the process passes to the realization of the samples. At this point, the first complete sample of the bag is developed with the materials and accessories that have been chosen.

Handbags manufacturing

Once all stages of development have been completed the actual production starts. The entire production process takes place on site and each project has its own dedicated consultant, always at the customer’s disposal.

  • Quality control
  • Monitoring of all phases of production with weekly reports
  • Packing and shipping

A particularly important phase of production is quality control. During the production process, various quality checks are carried out on both materials and finished products in order to ensure that all bags we produce meet the highest quality standards.

The last step is packaging and shipping. Even this last phase requires the utmost care to ensure that the products arrive intact in every part of the world. Our packing and shipping department is able to guarantee fast and safe deliveries.