Loipell, florentine artisan leather goods manufacturer

Creativity, talent, research, and innovation

Love and passion for handcrafted leather goods

Founded in 1993 in a small artisan workshop, Loipell is a Florentine leather goods manufacturer that has grown by combining the quality of tradition with the use of modern technology. Today, thanks to the ability to manage the entire production process internally, we work with prestigious luxury brands ensuring high quality standards.

The company’s strength is the ability to create prototypes, samples and even small productions for those customers who wish to include all the values of Made in Italy in their products. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the sector, Loipell represents the union between an illustrious past of the artisan leather goods of Florence and an ambitious future.
The modernity of young leather craftsmen combined with the experience of traditional artisans, the use of cutting edge and sophisticated processing systems, and passion in daily work are the characteristics that distinguish us.
A team of about 40 people working in a laboratory of over 1000 square meters in the heart of Tuscany. A dynamic organization able to follow the customer in every moment of the production process. To summarize, vision and teamwork are the qualities we use to interpret the ideas of our customers and give life to a product of excellence.

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