Ethics & Mission

Quality and tradition of Made in Italy

Ethics, eco-sustainability and know-how form the beliefs that guide the work of a company that places the value of people and respect for customers at the center of its mission, with the aim of representing an efficient point of reference for companies in the fashion industry.

Loipell’s heritage consist of business principles and the people who implement them on a daily basis. For this reason, the professional and personal development of our resources is a key factor for the growth of the company.

Respect for tradition and ethics, craftsmanship and innovative capacity, the value of our people and their experience, are among the qualities that allow us to accompany a customer throughout their journey: from design to choosing the materials, realization of the product, and final shipment.
For each of them we cut and tailor a custom-made project: unique and unrepeatable, preserving passion and curiosity as inspirations of our way of being and working. A 360 ° support for all those who consider the quality and uniqueness of Made in Italy an added value.
We know the value of creativity and, for this reason, all our customers are guaranteed the utmost confidentiality on their projects. We continually center our work on ethics and respect: from that for people to respect for the environment.
tailoring projects