Handbags manufacturer for third parties

Why choose Loipell as your third-party leather goods producer

There are several reasons that push companies to rely on our production of bags for third parties:

  • Cost of production:

    Independent production of bags has very high costs which for small and medium-sized businesses are almost always insurmountable and even big brands find this solution advantageous. Relying on our leather goods for third parties for one or more stages of the process of production allows for control of the total expense without sacrificing the quality of the product.

  • Productive capacity:

    A company like Loipell has everything you need for successful production: experience, skill, manpower, equipment, machinery, and the ability to better manage quantities and work peaks.

  • Saving time:

    The production of leather goods for third parties allows you to significantly reduce the time required for your project, since you do not have to structure yourself with the necessary staff and machinery, which instead the subcontractor can immediately make available.

  • Development of the project:

    We are able to follow your project and the development of your line of bags in all its phases: from the initial design to production. Thanks to our experts, we can offer you all the services you need.

  • Experience:

    We are ready to put our experience at your service, we have been operating in the sector for more than 40 years and we are able to support and advise you in the best possible way to find the solution to all problems and difficulties that may arise.

  • Quality:

    Our specialists will surprise you with the high quality of their work and will allow you to create a product that is also suitable for the luxury market.

  • Quantity:

    We have no problem managing large quantities of bags to produce. The availability in the production of bags in large quantities is one of our strengths; no matter how many bags you want to produce, we will never lack commitment and professionalism on our part!

Relying on Loipell is the best choice to give life to your project, develop and produce your collection of bags.

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